Every day more than 2500 restaurant owners use Restaumatic.com

Do you know that over 2500 restaurant owners cooperate with us? Some of them generate half of their turnover through their own online sales. Do not let the portals take over your online customers by using your brand. In the era of the progressive digitalization, relying on external entities - is a risky strategy. Take care of your own business now!

Real story

(restaurant owner's name has been changed)

Discover the story of "Doubting Tomas"

The example of Mr Tomasz, who runs a pizza house in a small town, perfectly illustrates the fears that accompany the owners while making development decisions.

Initial resistance and lack of faith in positive changes turn into a success story with technology in the background. This is a common pattern of behaviour when starting cooperation, so you should read these few lines.

It all starts in 2014, when we transformed from typical online food ordering portal Skubacz.pl into Restaumatic.com - a platform offering technical support for restaurant owners. Thanks to professional WWW sites with online ordering system and marketing tools, the restaurant owners are no longer dependant on the portals.


Mr Tomas, owner of the pizzeria and then a user of the Skubacz.pl portal receives an offer to run online orders on his own website. In response, we hear "In our city, people are still sleeping in the barns. There is no chance of success".


The flexible billing model and lack of any risk convinced Mr Tomas to the test. Two days after the implementation, Mr Tomas receives a meaningful comment "Finally! The first restaurant in the city from the 21st century”.


Mr Tomas manages hundreds of online orders per month using the system installed on his website. Based on previous success, he opens another bar - Sushi Bar. Initially without the ability to order online on the site.


Once again, he refuses to allow the customers, to order by claiming that he is still a monopolist in his city. This time his clients intensely suggested that they want to order comfortably, just like in a pizzeria. We launch another system and together we celebrate another success.


Mr Tomas already runs three restaurants using the Restaumatic system, receiving tens of thousands of zlotys per month - only from the online channel. Bravo! What will the future bring? :)

Do you want to get successful on the internet too?

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These solutions guarantee success on the internet!

New WWW site

A business card and the face of your business online. This is the place where the customer meets the offer of the restaurant for the first time.

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Mobile app

Menu of your restaurant in your client's phone. Only one click away from placing an order. They will love you for making their lives easier!

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Marketing Tools

Intelligent tools that help you acquire new customers and maintain the activity of current customers. Everything without your commitment.

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Online marketing

Help in preparing and conducting marketing campaigns on the internet. Google Ads, Facebook, SEO, Mailing and other effective web development strategies.

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Virtual auto-response

Virtual auto-response helps to recover customers who do not manage to get connected to the restaurant via phone.

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You always have access to detailed data on the effectiveness of each tool and campaign. Decide wisely on the basis of hard data!

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You're only 4 steps away from the online success


Launch the online food ordering system on the website.

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You evaluate the website and test the capabilities of the system

See for yourself which functionalities will bring the most benefits in your restaurant.


Get customers actively and keep them effortless

Marketing campaigns will help you acquire new customers and automatically marketing tools will keep them active.


Ready! Enjoy even better financial results

Internet is power! You must jump on this train as soon as possible!

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