How much can you save on portals' invoices?

Save up to:

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Get internet clients

Internet users are happy to order food online. The market is growing by 15% annually. Let customers place online orders through your website.

Reduce marketing costs

Use modern marketing tools! Automatically send text messages and e-mails with the offer tailored to your clients' behaviour.

Increase the profitability of the restaurant

Increase the frequency of your customers' purchases thanks to automatic reminders. Build a brand using loyalty programs. Profit every day.

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Website, online ordering system, mobile application

Launch online orders in your restaurant!

Charm your customers with a new professional website with ordering and online payment options.

If you already have a great website, you can install Active Menu (the system itself as a plugin to an existing site).

After you decide on a new website with the system or an active menu plug-in - you will receive a Mobile Application (free of charge)!

New website for the restaurant

Everything starts with your Website, which we create for you for free. You'll stop losing your internet clients.

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Plugin to your website "Active Menu"

You own the website, but you want to develop it? We'll implement the plugin so-called Active Menu and you will manage your online orders.

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Mobile app for restaurants (0 Euro)

Thanks to the individual mobile application, your restaurant can be found on every customer's phone. Only one click separates him from placing the order.

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Reduce your restaurant's marketing costs

thanks to automatic marketing tools

Promotional coupons

Create a promotional coupon and encourage shopping at your restaurant. Send it by e-mail, text, print on the leaflet. Check which channel works best.

Client recovery

Retaining the customer is x11 times cheaper than getting a new one! Our system will automatically ensure that no one leaves your restaurant.

SMS module

Send SMS to your clients and inform them about the most important matters. 95.8% of customers will read your message

Loyalty program

Your client is the most important, take care of them and reward for new orders. Create a loyalty program that will automatically take care of your relationship.

Marketing tools

We will help you find new clients

profitability increase

Increase the profitability of the restaurant by reducing costs

Half of success is the increase in revenues. The other half is the optimization of operating costs.
We will also help you with both!

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Cost of customer service IT services Success

Save on the commission

Thanks to your online food ordering system, you have full control over costs. The more you earn, the less commission you pay to portals.

Gain more time

POS Integration, automatic and effective marketing tools and our substantive help in marketing and organization will make you regain valuable time.

Reduce IT problems

Technical problems with the site, domain or server will not be your concern anymore. Our programmers watch over the condition of the entire system.

Receive statistics

Order statistics, code usage, customer information, telephone call monitoring tool, etc., allow you to make the right decisions.