Ads in Google

Display in TOP 10 on Google! We will create an effective campaign for acquiring new customers.

Ads on Facebook

Promote your restaurant on Facebook effectively. Show how you work, show off dishes, share information. We will help you reach people in your area.

Mailing campaigns

Do you have many regular customers? Increase the frequency of purchases thanks to mailing. We will prepare attractive mailing creations and send them to your clients.

SMS campaigns

SMS messages are one of the most effective ways to contact clients. Over 90% of them will read your message. Create a campaign in 5 minutes.

Promotion coupons

Attractive discount coupons work like a magnet. In the admin panel, you will create each of them in 2 minutes. Contact us NOW and we will do a test right away to convince you of their effectiveness.

Loyalty program

Reward customers for subsequent orders using an automated loyalty program. Maintaining a customer is 11 times cheaper than acquiring a new one.

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Do you want to improve the visibility of the restaurant on Google?

It is definitely worth it!

Positioning of restaurants' websites

Positioning of restaurants' websites

First place in TOP 10 in Google search. SEO is the basis of every gastronomic business.

Google Ads campaings (AdWords)

Google Ads campaings (AdWords)

Do you want to win the fight for the client? Google Ads is a way to find yourself above the competition. You have to be there!

Banner campaigns

Banner campaigns

Do you know that for a small amount of money you can find yourself on websites such as, etc.? All you need to do is use a banner campaign.



Someone visited your website, but did not place an order? We will create an advertisement for you that will resemble your website over 30 days.

Be where your customers are!


Be known on Facebook

Do you have beautiful interiors? Delicious food? Smiling service? Or maybe all at once? We will help you build your image in social media based on the unique advantages of your business.

Build a community

Collect dedicated fans around your brand. Thanks to Facebook, you have control over how to talk about your company. You can also create messages that best describe what you do!

Available ad formats on Facebook:

  • Like post
  • Promote events
  • Advertising campaign
  • Chat Bot in the Messenger application
Facebook Likes Success

Are you interested in your restaurant advertising on Google or on Facebook?

Marketing tools for restaurants

they are an integral part of the online ordering system

SMS module

SMS module

Promotional coupons

Promotional coupons

E-mail module

E-mail module

Loyalty program

Loyalty program

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Take advantage of internet marketing and increase your sales


Start the food ordering system and use 100% of it

Do you need help promoting your offer on the internet? Contact us to create a unique promotional campaign


Apply for a marketing audit

Contact us and we will prepare a detailed audit regarding the visibility of your website on the internet.


You will receive marketing proposals and the direction of development in the network

Based on a marketing audit, we will determine the most important development directions together and propose adequate solutions. You know where you stand, we know what to do!


We work. You receive reports

Every month you receive detailed reports on the actions taken and their results. Together, we work on the success of your gastronomic business.

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