SMS Module

SMS Module

E-mail Module

E-mail Module

Promotion Coupons

Promotion Coupons

Loyalty Coupons

Loyalty Coupons

SMS module

You have the option of creating SMS campaigns and sending them to your clients using the module built into the system.

Mailing module

Thanks to marketing consents granted by customers during orders, you can send e-mails with information or discount coupons to them.

Promotional coupon generator

This is a simple tool for creating discount coupons. You can create single or multiple-use coupons.

Customer recovery system

The customer has not made an order on your website for a long time? Set up the system so that it reminds them about your offer after a certain time from the last order.

Loyalty program

Thanks to it, the customer collects stamps, which are a reward for subsequent orders. After collecting the appropriate number, he will receive a set discount or other gratuity.

Discount for the first order

The system will automatically recognize the customer who is ordering for the first time through your website. Help him decide and set an attractive discount.

Intelligent promotion system

You have the most developed promotion engine on the market at your disposal. You can easily set any combination. Customers will be delighted!

Virtual auto responser

Thanks to this functionality you will not lose customers when the line is busy. The machine will redirect them to the website or will send a discount.

ChatBot in Messenger

Ask for the installation of ChatBot in your Messenger application. This tool automatically responds to customers and redirects them to the right places. You're saving time!

SMS module

everyone will read your text

Only 30 seconds to send SMS campaign

The SMS module is a convenient tool that will send hundreds or even thousands of messages to your customers. Preparing the campaign is only a moment and the effects will exceed your expectations.

95.8% of clients will read your SMS

SMS campaigns are one of the most effective methods of reaching out to customers. Over 95% of them will read your message.

Personalization of SMS content

The key to restaurant success is an individual approach to the customer. Send individual discount codes, create personalized content. Use the SMS module in 100%.

Did you know:

The efficiency of the SMS campaign reaches 18%?

E-mail module

Cheap way to contact the customers

2000 e-mails in 5 minutes.

A mailing module is a convenient tool for creating and sending effective mailing campaigns. Thanks to it you can use the data left during orders.

According to GDPR

The e-mail sending tool and Restaumatic system automatically ensure that every message is delivered in accordance with the law.

Did you know?

You can send 12,000 e-mails per month completely free of charge?

Customer recovery system

The "Silent marketing" mechanism works reliably!

Automatically detects lost customers

The customer has not placed an order lately? It's not all gone, the system will automatically detect inactivity and send a promotional coupon to remind him of the offer of the restaurant.

Guaranteed efficiency at 8%

Attractive coupons activate customers who have not placed orders for a long time. The higher the discount value, the greater the chance of recovery. The minimum effectiveness is 8%.

You can adjust the system's performance

Remember that you decide on the frequency of sending the message and the amount of the discount. You have full control over the customer recovery system.

Do you know:

The system is totally automated? Its efficiency is 8%?

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Additional Marketing Tools

  • Our clients' internet sales reach 50%. The record holder had 6 654 online orders in one month. You can also do it!

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How to run Marketing Tools in your restaurant?


Turn on the food online ordering system

We give you a professional website with online ordering system or a single online ordering system ( Active menu) for your existing website free of charge.


You will get access to the restaurant's panel

Log in and test all the marketing tools. If you decide to go for 30 days trial you can check how it works.


We train you by phone for 15 minutes, that's all it takes

If you are wondering how the marketing systems work, you can call and ask for help and use 100% out of it


Enjoy the stats and great results

You can monitor in detail every use of coupons to decide what is the next step

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