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KDS is a system that can be used in restaurants of all kinds, from small bistros to large hotels. Perfect communication between waiters and the kitchen will not only satisfy customers, who will receive their order quickly, but also the restaurateur, who will avoid costs related to errors in orders.

Check out in 3 easy steps how KDS (Kitchen Display System) works in conjunction with RePOS in your restaurant.

Step 1 Acceptance of order

The waiter takes or adds a new order in RePOS, and the system automatically sends it to the appropriate kitchen.

  • Waiter has easy access to all orders
  • Easily and quickly redirect the order for processing to the kitchens
  • Waiter can take care of serving guests without wasting time running to the cook with cards

I want to streamline the order process

Step 3 Order is ready

Information from the kitchen about the finished order instantly reaches the staff in the room.

  • Attendants see on their screen the order status change to ready to serve
  • The waiter picks up the prepared dish from the kitchen and serves it to the customer
  • A customer satisfied with fast service will order more often, and the restaurant will increase its profits

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