Sell more and quicker with Mobile App

We'll prepare a dedicated Mobile App for your restaurant which will help you spread the wings. For the customers, it's convenient and time-saving, for you, it means more orders.

Increase the loyalty and involvement of your customers'

Customers ordering via Mobile App do it more often and the value of the shopping cart is higher. They also read marketing messages better.

Build good relations with your customers

Mobile App is a great tool for building a relationship. Your restaurant's logo in your customer's mobile phone is a great advertisement.

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The App for the restaurant is free!

Your customers' convenience

Do you know:

up to 65% of traffic on your website comes from mobile devices? The smartphone and the applications installed in it are an everyday tool for your customers.

Your menu is always available for the customer

What is the biggest advantage of having a mobile application? Only one click away from placing the order in your restaurant. Without logging in, waiting, entering the address.

Reduce marketing costs thanks to the application

Getting a marketing message to your customers is expensive, so share the app with them and save on marketing. From now on you have a permanent ad on customers' phones.

Give them the mobile app!

These are your future customers

Automated App promoting

Restaumatic system will do the work for you

Advertisement on the website

After generating the application, the Restaumatic system will automatically start promoting it, so that the largest number of clients will install the application on their phone (the installation takes 30 seconds).

Advertising banner on the mobile site

The mobile version of your restaurant's website will automatically display a banner encouraging you to install the application. Thanks to that your customers will be able to install it quickly!

Advertisement in the website's footer

Information about the mobile application will also be visible in the footer of your website, which will additionally increase the chance for its effective promotion!

Advertising in e-mails sent to clients

Additionally, in each message confirming the order placement, your clients will receive another encouragement to install the application!

Advertisement after placing an order

A similar notification is displayed on the website confirming the submission of a new order!

An invitation for downloading the application

Invitations for downloading the application will be sent to your customers also via SMS.

Treat your clients individually

reach all of your customers thanks to our App

Offer personalization

Restaurant's guaranteed success

An individual approach to the clients is the best way to build a valuable relationship and increase sales. The mobile application is a great channel for an individual approach. 90% of customers who placed an order using an app, will do it again!

Test the app

How to activate a mobile application for a restaurant?


Start the online food ordering system

We launch an online ordering system in the form of a new page for your WWW site or Active Menu (the system itself, as a plugin to an existing page).


We create a mobile application for your restaurant (free of charge)

In a short time we will prepare a bespoke application for your restaurant. Remember that we will create it for you for EUR 0


You evaluate and test the mobile application.

After 14 days you will receive a link to download the application. When you accept it you can start the trial version with promotion


Promote the Application and build a database of loyal customers

The Restaumatic system automatically starts to promote the application among yours current and future customers

New website with online ordering, see and decide whether you like it (for free)!