Sell online on your own

Decide on your internet sales. Play your own game and build your brand. Your own online ordering system guarantees internet success.

Reduce the costs

We guarantee, that having our system you will reduce the food portals commission at 70%. Join 2500+ restaurants and don't overpay

Build your own customers' database

Customers' database is a guarantee of success! Having customers' phone number and e-mail address and the purchase history you can manage customers' behaviour

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Sell online independently!

More than 70% of users visit your website using mobile devices. Mostly young people who buy and pay online. Give them this opportunity

Active Menu

It is an online ordering system for existing websites of restaurants

It is the way to interconnect already existing restaurants' websites with hi-tech online food ordering system in Poland. Active menu enables placing orders by the clients and also gives access to marketing tools (SMS Module, Loyalty Program, Promotional Coupons, etc.).

Free test

Connect your own website

with our Active Menu now!

We can test your website with "Active Menu (online ordering system)". Check how it works and what its possibilities are. Sign up for a 30-day test and get to know this amazing tool completely free of charge.

Dedicated Mobile App

for your restaurant is for 0 Euro

The Mobile App is fundamental for your business nowadays. It increases your customers' ordering frequency and loyalty.

Free test

New website with online ordering, see and decide whether you like it (for free)!

Build your own database

for its service you receive an SMS module, Mailing module, Promotional coupons, Loyalty program, etc.

Your marketing will be more efficient

If you have a digital database

Every customer buying via the internet shares a phone number, e-mail address and thanks to us you have a history of purchase.

It is a real treasure, because thanks to the marketing tools built into your new website, you can cheaply and effectively influence the behaviour of customers.

An example:

It's Monday, at 1:00 PM and you don't have any sales? Don't worry! You create the PROMOTIONAL COUPON and thanks to SMS Module you send messages to your clients. In 5 minutes your sales will take off!

Do you want to build your customers' loyalty? Start the automatic LOYALTY PROGRAM, which will save the stamps on the customer's account - you set the prize yourself!

Marketing tools to service the customer database

  • SMS Module
  • E-mailing Module
  • Intelligent Promotion System
  • Absence reminder
  • Digital Call Center
  • Last Customer's review
  • Coupon creator
  • First order discount
  • Unwanted customers blocking

Marketing tools

How to launch an online food ordering system on your website (in 4 days)?


We will make an Active Menu for you

Online ordering system as a plugin to the existing Website in only 4 days for 0 Euro.


Test all the Active Menu functionality

You'll get access to the Restaurant Panel to test the functionality of the advanced plugin. Your Website is ready for receiving the online orders.


Try 30 days for free

Everything is set up. If you want, we'll turn on all the functions for you to receive the first order thru your Website. 30 days free trial!


100% of our customers decide to join us after the test

Now you know how Active Menu works and you can make a rational decision. The internet is waiting for you, don't wait and conquer it now!

New website with online ordering, see and decide whether you like it (for free)!