Sell on the internet

We will prepare a beautiful and modern website for your restaurant. Thanks to it, you can serve your clients at the highest level and get new ones.

Forget about IT specialists

From now on, you can focus on what's most important in your business, technical matters and programming problems will be solved.

Build the database

A website together with an online ordering system is also a tool for getting information about your clients and managing them.

Sell on the internet through your website

The commission of portals is constantly growing

Do you know that more than 1,700 restaurants are already working with us? Many of them generate half of their turnover through their own online sales.

Don't let the food portals grow at your expense by using your brand. Remember that the customer purchasing through the portal becomes the portal's customer.

Your own online food ordering system will allow you to become independent from the portals and develop a better negotiating position during the commission increases in the portals.

Portals charge you a lot?

Check how much you'll save!

Save up to: %{...} €

New website with online ordering, see and decide whether you like it (for free)!

Our websites for the restaurant meet the most stringent requirements!

  • They look great - designed by the best graphic designers and web designers in Poland.

    They are functional - designed so that the customer quickly finds the most important information and conveniently places the order. Tested on hundreds of thousands of users.

    Example webpage 1
    Example webpage 2
  • Example webpage 3
    Example webpage 4

It's responsive

New websites look great on laptops and smartphones. Customers can easily order while working or riding a train.

Easy to edit

If you want to change the menu, promotions, prices or add new pictures of your dishes - you can do it quickly using our panel. You don't have to ask IT guy for help.

Safe and in accordance with GDPR

Having our WWW site you can forget about threats related to GDPR, not having SSL certificate or threats related with securing the servers. We'll do it for you!

Start your 30 days free trial, now!

Selling online will help you create the customers database

having your customer's phone number, e-mail address and shopping history, you can do incredible things!

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The threat of losing the client!

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How to launch a new website for the restaurant in a week?


We'll create the website in 4 days for you

Contact and tell us what you need - we will prepare for you a beautiful page and connect it to the online ordering system. It's all in 4 days (for free)


You evaluate the website and test the system's capabilities

You get access to the website and the main panel to test all functionalities. We are waiting for your comments and introduce changes in the appearance of the site


You decide on 30 days trial

Everything is set up. You can decide on 30 days trial. During that period we'll turn on all the functionalities, and You will receive the first order thru your website


98.7% restaurant owners after the test decide on permanent cooperation

Before you decide to cooperate, you have 100% knowledge about the functioning of the entire system. The Internet is open to you - do not waste your time!

New website with online ordering, see and decide whether you like it (for free)!