Advertise your restaurant and attract new customers

Restaurant advertising on Google Ads

Choose an effective method to quickly redirect traffic to the restaurant's website and increase sales.

  • Advertising in Google search results
  • Advertising on Google maps
  • Banner and remarketing advertising
  • Marketing on Youtube

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Social Media Advertising

We create an original image on Social Media using Instagram and Facebook channels

  • Update and audit of the restaurant's fanpage
  • Individual postings
  • Building a restaurant's image on social media
  • Facebook and Instagram advertising campaign

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Advertising campaigns for restaurants

Restaurant advertising on Google Ads

By choosing to advertise your restaurant on Google Ads, you benefit from an effective method that allows you to quickly drive traffic to your restaurant's website, leading to increased sales and visibility.

Restaurant positioning

Effective positioning will help your restaurant achieve high positions in the TOP 10 search results on Google. Thanks to this, you will increase the visibility of your restaurant among potential customers, which will attract more people to your website.

Social Media Advertising

Thanks to our social media advertising services, your restaurant will gain an original image on Instagram and Facebook. We offer updating your fanpage, creating individual posts and advertising campaigns that will help build a strong image of your restaurant in Social Media.


We send personalised emails to your customer base, helping to increase sales and brand awareness among regular customers.

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